BEING CLOSE sculpture: site-specific installation, collaboration with Tom Butter. The viewer enters where two materials touch process: turning the wheel in either direction moves the book past stone forms of NYC complaint data material: steel, viroc, sheet metal, chain, wood, pipe, paint, hardware and tree dimensions: the beam is a 9" inch 60° triangulated truss, 55 feet in length. The leg, a 60° triangle, lifts the beam 8 feet. A tree provides lateral stability. From smallest to largest the 311’s are 84” x 48” x 33”, 72” x 96” x 72”, and 120” x 72” x 90”. The book, 36” x 40” x 9”, is connected to 100 feet of chain. The wheel, 27” across, is made of viroc and steel. 3d modeling: Lucy Pullen fabrication: Tom Butter and Lucy Pullen, Fremont Center NY graphic design: remake design printing: linco exhibition: Aidron Duckworth Museum, Meriden NH completed: 2019

BUBBLE sculpture: five spirals model surface effects and paradox process: digitally made with Illustrator, cnc router and cnc waterjet material: aluminum (1 @ 4’ diameter 1/4” plate; 4 @ 2’ diameter 1”8” plate) with arborite and wood dimensions: four smaller spirals sit on a two-tone visual display system of arborite and wood for the wall, the large one is for the floor fabrication: James Nardone, Brooklyn NY 3D modeling: Lucy Pullen digital fabrication: Rush Design, Brooklyn NY; Aquajet Services, Kutztown PA videography: Jenna Haufler exhibition: St. Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax; University College of Cape Breton, Sydney; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth completed: 2019

SPATIAL MURAL project: site specific installation process: large scale drawing projected with a laser, through exterior staircase and two catwalks that wrap around a corner, painted by hand material: waterborne premium exterior paint Benjamin Moore (Aura) dimensions: the site, with main entrance and emergency exits on the second & third floors is 20 feet wide, 14 feet deep and 38 feet tall project manager: Don Miller crew: Sebastian Koever, Alan Zeberek, Jefferson Jackson Cooper, Gateway Painting photographs: Ehsan Parvizi 360vr panoramas: Sebastian Koever commission: Contemporary Art Forum for Kitchener and Area for CAFKA ‘18 location: NoRTH head office, 27 Gaukel Street, Kitchener-Waterloo Canada completed: June 2018

BEES project: site specific installation process: digital visualization of scientific data source: The Lifelong Radar Tracks of Bumble Bees” by Joseph L. Woodgate, James C. Makinson, Ka S. Lim, Andrew M. Reynolds, Lars Chittka, published: August 4, 2016 dimensions: series of four 24” x 36” images hang along a narrow 40 foot long hallway that hangs in space material: archival inkjet pigment print on canvas digital fabrication: Supreme Digital, Brooklyn NY 360vr panoramas: Sebastian Koever location: The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, 31 Caroline Street North, Waterloo Canada completed: 2018

100 CLOSEST STARS project: site specific installation process: digital visualization of scientific data with Python, spatial analysis by Stuart Lynn source: open source dataset from NASA on the location of stars (HabHYG) material: thermoplastic (PLA), magnets, hardware; dimensions: triple height feature wall clad in black anodized aluminum in the atrium, overall installation is 40 foot tall, 20 foot wide and 8 inches deep fabrication: Voodoo Manufacturing, Brooklyn NY location: The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo Canada completed: 2018

THE CLOUD CHAMBER sculpture: detector-sculpture on permanent public view process: made in collaboration with Dr. Justin Albert and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UVIC to contain a sustainable, super-cooled -86F environment for seeing cosmic events in real time, with the naked eye; material: alcohol, scientific environmental system, aluminum, steel and cosmic rays dimensions: 86 x 36 x 48 inches (shell), variable (contrails) location: Elliott Lecture Hall, The University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada; engineering: Mark Lenkowski and Paul Birney, Triumf; electrical engineering, Neil Hokannen, UVic, Andy Baker, Kontraptioneering, Brooklyn NY 3d modeling: Mark Lenkowski fabrication: Chris Secord, UVic; Robert Kuta Fabrication, Beech Lake PA digital fabrication; Terra Precision, Saanich BC, Kontraptioneering, Brooklyn NY exhibition: Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle WA location: Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of Victoria, Victoria Canada completed: 2011

BLIND SPOT project: public installation process: material shifts in hue on a large scale material: 3M Scotchlite fabric, aluminum, hardware dimensions: 9 feet wide x 9 feet deep x 18 feet tall location: Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London England and Artspeak, 99 Carroll Street, Vancouver BC Canada fabrication: Complete Fabrication, London and Red Flag Design, Vancouver commission: Artspeak for the Olympic Games in Vancouver and No Soul For Sale; the Festival of Independents in London completed: 2010

WALLPAPER project: scalable drawing process: lines drawn by hand material: commercially produced wallpaper dimensions: 30 inches wide, 26 yards long locations: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, NSCAD Archive, Halifax; Open Space, Victoria BC Canada; fabrication: Riverside Printing NYC collection: National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives, Ottawa availability: Art Metropole, Toronto Canada completed: 1999 (reprinted in 2005)

SUPERBALLS project: event made in collaboration with Sandy Plotnikoff process: 2500 superballs were tossed of the top of a parking garage material: 500 balls; dimensions: three city blocks location: corner of Sackville & Granville to the waterfront, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada; documentation: artist book, video collection: Library & Archives, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa completed: 1997